First off, It’s Hard


If you are a someone who nailed the entrance and managed to enter medicine, here’s a few things I want to say.

  • Congratulations! You made it! Its hard to come to where you are.
  • Brace yourself. Things are going to get very messy and cranky. Depression and anxiety are the new normal here.
  • If you are weak and can’t deal with the stress in medicine… Please leave before it’s too late. This field isn’t for the faint hearted and the weak. I’m not insulting you, I’m just telling you what you’re gonna be up against

The Violence

Well… This field is hard. Especially here in India, where I am. On one hand, the amazing doctors here, working their butts off to save as many people as possible, and on the other, there are a few (not all) ungrateful relatives of the patients, beating the living crap out of the doctors.

I mean, What the hell! We are trying to help here. Please, let us be.

College Life

And there is another thing. The college life. If you don’t have a friend from your 12th with you, or make a new friend to live with in the first few months of your academic year…

Well… I’ve been there. It’s one word for you. PAIN.

It hurts, to have no one to speak with, no friend to have fun with. If you’re a “weirdo” (a generally different guy who doesn’t fit) like me, some people roast the living shit out of you and its gonna hurt real bad. Trust me, you’ll either need a friend or a therapist.

Or… You might just pull by if you’re introverted enough…

My life

Well… My year 1 is long… I’ll rant about it in multiple posts. I’ll see you there soon.

And yeah… I’m new here to blogging. If you have any tips or help to offer, send it my way by mailing me at or contact me on Instagram. My IG username is ““.

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